Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

       My friend Roxy came over to my house to make cake balls for mutuel! Yes, it took a while to make,( mainley becasue of fighting with butter,powdered sugar, and chocolate) but it was a bunch aof fun. All this is, is  cake mix,(cooked), with frosing rolled up into balls. Then I dipped it into chocolate and drizzed white chocolate over that. I put pink sprinkles on them because the theme for mutuel is bring a VALENTINES treat!     P.s. if you are wondering they taste AHMAZING!!!  :)


  1. They were good but she didn't share very well. Guess you will have to make a batch to leave at home next time!

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  3. You are sure going places kid. You have got a lot of talent right there. If the baking doesn't work out, you could always become a professional blogger!!