Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

       My friend Roxy came over to my house to make cake balls for mutuel! Yes, it took a while to make,( mainley becasue of fighting with butter,powdered sugar, and chocolate) but it was a bunch aof fun. All this is, is  cake mix,(cooked), with frosing rolled up into balls. Then I dipped it into chocolate and drizzed white chocolate over that. I put pink sprinkles on them because the theme for mutuel is bring a VALENTINES treat!     P.s. if you are wondering they taste AHMAZING!!!  :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cakes From the Past

                                            Layton's 11th Brithday Cake

Cassidy's Sweet Sixteen Cake

Dad's Birthday

Layton's 10th Birthday

Will's 7th Birthday

Pie Cupcakes

Duck Cupcakes

Rwanda Africa Goodbye Cake

Mom's Birthday Cake 

My 12th Birthday Cake

Mom's Birthday Cake!